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 Review the Report:
Before clicking the button Review Report, please click the button Apply first.

 Tooltips for the input and output
Hover the mouse on the item, you can get the description of it.

 Select the report format
go to menu tools of General panel, then click the menu Report Format

 How to copy the report table to Excel?
Select the table in Internet Explorer, right-click the screen, choose menu Copy, the table is copied to the clipboard, go to the opened Excel spreadsheet, Paste it, then select the whole spreadsheet, go to menu Format-Row-Height, input the height (for example: 15), adjust the width of columns.

 How to copy the report document to Word?
Select the report in Internet Explorer, right-click the screen, choose menu Copy, the report is copied to the clipboard, go to Word, click menu Paste.

 How to copy the Sketch to Word or Excel?
Right-click on a sketch, click the menu Copy, go to Excel or Word, choose menu Edit-Paste Special, select the format of Bitmap, then click OK, the image will be pasted in Word or Excel.

 How to use Custom Shapes (for Shapes of other countries, or American and Canadian Shapes after corrosion allowance)?
1). Set up Custom Shapes (W, HSS, WT, L, C, Round)

a). For example: go to tool Shape W
b). Select "Custom-W" from the list Shape
c). Select "Custom-W-2" from the list Designation
d). Input dimensions "d", "b", "t", "w", "k", "k1" as required
e). Click button "Save Custom Shape"
f). Now "Custom-W-2" can be used for other tools, section properties are produced automatically

2). Use Custom Shapes

a). For example: go to tool End Plate for Vertical Bracing and Beam
b). Select "Custom-W" from the list Shape
c). Select "Custom-W-2" from the list Designation
d). Fill other inputs as required
e). Click button "Apply" and link "Review Report"

 3D Rendering
For some steel connections, click "Apply", then, Click "3D Render" at top right of the web page, you can view the connection by rotating in both horizontal and vertical directions.

  Export input
For some tools (for example: MCWELD), 1). click button "Export", all input will be saved, 2). click link "Im-Export" at the top of the page, 3). click button "Export to Following", all input will be shown in the textbox, 4). you can select all, and copy to Word or other documents for future update

  Import input
For some tools (for example: MCWELD), 1). click link "Im-Export" at the top of the page, 2). copy former exported input to the textbox, 3). click button "Import from Following", then, 4). at web page of MCWELD, click button "Import", all input will be imported.
 Do I need download WebCivil in my computer?
WebCivil is online software, you don't need download anything, you can use it on any devices with internet connection, it works on SmartPhone (iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, etc.), iPad, and computers 

 What is the Point for the license?
You can get the license by points. One Point means one time clicking on button Apply of one tool, you can check balance of credit points at the Log Out page, tools with (*) are free and not applicable.

For users with few times, you can buy the license by Points

For group users or users with more times, it is better to get the license by years , The license will expire if no balance of credit points or at the end of licensed year, whichever comes first.

Notice: when input for Textbox, don't click the button ENTER.

 Can I use WebCivil on internet browsers: Microsoft IE, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.?
WebCivil works on all internet browsers except Firefox.

For Samsung smartphones and tablets, when you click menu, child menus are not pop out, please hold on the menu, you can see child menus.
 For one license, Can I access all Tools
For the licensed user, all tools are accessible, both Canadian and American codes are available

 I fill the input and click Review Report, but I got the report with different input or a blank page
If you change any input for one tool, before clicking Review Report, please click button Apply, which will transfer the updated input to the server, then, click Review Report and get the correct report

 If I have the license, can I use WebCivil in other country?
If you have the license and your computer is connected to internet, you can use it all over the world, just as you are logging on your Facebook, Twitter accounts

 How can I change my password?
If you want to change your password, you should send a request for password change through the email for your registration, also your user-name should be provided
User-name, email for the registration, and password are important information for your account

 Is additional fee required for any update of WebCivil during one licensed year?
We update and add functions frequently, we don’t ask for additional fee for one special year

 We would like only computers in our company can access webcivil, could you set up for us?
We can set up for you, IP address of computers of your company is required, only computers with IP address that you provided can access to WebCivil
You can get IP address of your computers at the top-right of this webpage.

 After I paid the license fee, why couldn’t I log-in immediately?
After you pay the license fee through PayPal, we will get the notification from PayPal immediately
We need identify your user-name and email address in the registration database in the server, and set up the database for you as a licensed user, finally we will send you the conformation email, then, you can use it accordingly
Normally, you can access WebCivil in next morning

 Can I use it by cellphone?
It works on all smartphones, such as: BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, etc., you can get the same report and sketches as PC

 How to change the text size of web browser?
For Microsoft IE, hold down the Ctrl key, and scroll the mouse wheel,the text size will change.
IP Address of Your Computer: Help Frequently Asked Questions